Oor Wullie on his travels again

Oor Wullie was invited to his 1st Halloween party on Sunday. He had a great time and all the kids loved him. Now he back delivering milk until next year Halloween party.

Duthie Dental Practice on Lochee High Street said it was “delighted” to obtain the services of the popular Past and Present sculpture.

One of the stars of this year’s bucket trail has been loaned to the practice, with manager Carol Devine saying it was “great to have Oor Wullie back in Lochee”.

The sculpture, which was bought at auction by Kerr’s Dairy, arrived at the practice yesterday.

Carol said: “One of the statues was based in Lochee during the bucket trail and we went to the auction but unfortunately we were unsuccessful in obtaining one.”

“We don’t have a fundraising figure in mind but we are certainly looking to raise a three-figure sum of money with staff and patients chipping in.

“All our patients are loving Oor Wullie being here. Kerr’s Dairy have very kindly allowed him to stay for a week.”

She added: “Our staff and patients loved the bucket trail.

“If our bid for a statue at the auction had been successful, it was always our intention to try and raise money for the Archie Foundation.

“Having Oor Wullie on loan for a week is a great opportunity to try to raise some funds.”

Emma White, Tayside’s head of fundraising for the Archie Foundation, popped in to see Oor Wullie at the practice.

She said: “He looked very pleased to be where the children could see him and he could make them smile.

“It is so kind of Kerr’s Dairy and Duthie Dental Practice to organise this, and very appropriate too.

“When the new paediatric surgical unit with two operating theatres is built at Tayside Children’s Hospital, the first children to benefit will be those who attend hospital for dental treatment.

“At the moment they are seen in adult facilities and whilst they are looked after with the best of care, it will be much better when they have their own child-friendly unit.

“We are past the halfway point with our fundraising now, thanks to the success of the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail, but we still have a long way to go and so I urge everyone who can help to do so.

“Every pound counts.”