About Us

A family run business for over 120 years, now run by fifth generation Kelvin Kerr Jnr

Our History

At Kerr’s Dairy, we believe in providing only the finest quality dairy products. Still a family run business, we are the only local dairy left in Dundee that supplies products direct to your door. We have recently also expanded into and around Aberdeen to meet local demand. This is the first time in our history that Kerr’s Dairy has had the opportunity to open another depot in another Scottish city.

We deliver to residential areas, offices, factories and local businesses in these cities. Our customers expect quality service from us and we aim to achieve this 361 days a year. Throughout our 100+ years of trading, we have been a recognised company who aim to offer the products that you need the most direct to your door.

Ever wondered how Kerr’s Dairy milk is produced?

At Kerr's dairy, we source our milk from First Milk, a Scottish Farmer Owned co-operative whose head office is based in Glasgow.

What working with First Milk Means

First Milk are committed to achieving net-zero by 2040 at the latest

  • 1. You can be confident that all your milk is top quality, and produced to the highest standards
  • 2. The milk in our bottles can be traced back to a Scottish farm
  • 3. Each farm is audited by the Red Tractor Farm Assurance scheme
  • 4. Most farms are local family farms that graze their cows on grass as much as possible
  • 5. Farmers are encouraged to care for the environment, producing food in the most responsible way available, whilst forming a vital part of local, rural communities

Our milk is bottled by McQueens Dairies, another Scottish Family-owned Dairy with whom we’ve had a close relationship for many years.

What working with McQueens Means

  • 1. Brand new, state of the art bottling plant
  • 1. Practicing high levels of environmental and health and safety standards
  • 3. Supporting employment throughout Scotland
  • 4. Committed to sustainable growth
  • 5. Reliable service, no matter the weather
RBS Kerrs Dairy 4

With depots in Dundee and Aberdeen, Kerr’s Dairy is committed to delivering a high-quality service throughout the Northeast of Scotland. We believe in providing only the finest quality dairy products direct to your doorstep and to local businesses.

With the help of our fantastic team, we have expanded our business and are continuing to grow daily. Our employment rates and retention are also sitting at an all-time high.

We are committed to working on our environmental impact by switching to more sustainable glass products as well as changing our fleet to electric vehicles.

We encourage our customers to adopt using our glass products to help in the reduction of their local environmental impact.

We have an excellent customer service department who are available to answer any queries you may have.

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