Kerr’s Dairy gives you one less thing to worry about

Kerr’s Dairy gives you one less thing to worry about

Picture this…your alarm goes off, you throw your covers off and head to the kitchen to make that all-important first cup of coffee and your breakfast. You open the fridge to get the milk for your coffee (and your bowl of cereal) and you find that there’s none left. What a nightmare!

Thankfully, there’s a local delivery company who can make sure that your milk supply never dries up.

For over 120 years, Kerr’s Dairy has been supplying homes and businesses with the best Scottish milk – from door to door in traditional glass bottles.

Earlier this year, the family-owned and operated business expanded from their Dundee base into the north-east, with over 5,000 locals taking advantage of the new service in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.


Director Kelvin Kerr Jr, the fifth generation of the family to work in the family business, said: “I have family and friend connections in the north-east so although we have only ever been in Dundee, it was my first choice to start a service in Aberdeen.

“I also had my school friend, Gary, there and I knew he was someone who could do the job and I could trust to run things for me. He brought in Neil and it went from there.”

He continued: “And the response so far has been fantastic. We started with one or two deliveries from the Dundee depot just to test the waters and it quickly grew, so we opened the Aberdeen depot and went from there.”

The Aberdeen team delivers as far north as Fraserburgh and south to Stonehaven, while the Dundee depot is responsible for all orders south of Laurencekirk.


Kelvin added: “Just a couple of months after our Aberdeen deliveries started, Covid-19 hit and we were inundated with new customers.

“It was a lot of hard work for us but we wanted to try and help as much as we could, especially in the early days when even getting an online shopping slot was almost impossible.

“For our elderly customers who were shielding we would go out of our way to deliver to them, even if we weren’t meant to be in their area that day.

“But people were so grateful – our drivers were left thank you notes and even wee games and challenges by households.”

But it’s not just milk. Kerr’s can bring you a range of dairy and dairy-free items, including cheese, butter, orange juice, eggs, yoghurt and milk alternatives such as oat milk. And there’s more planned for the future.

Everything Kerr’s Dairy offers is sourced in Scotland through a farming cooperative and long-established relationships with suppliers, so with every purchase you are supporting Scottish farmers.


You can get deliveries twice a week and you can amend your orders by logging on at the Kerr’s Dairy website, so if you are going away for a few days the bottles won’t be lined up outside your door.

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